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Habits and the mental game part 1.

Little tweaks in mindset. Little actions.

They can all add up to feeling more of who you are at your best.

We all know it. Right?

We probably all have things that we know would be great for us to do or change...but to actually implement it can be a whole different ball game.

I can struggle with this too and will share how I’m going about it.

I’ve been wanting to to add 2 little things to my day for a long time now.

Meditation and Stretching.

What I've been doing practically:

it’s the simple things that help me, like writing them down every day so it shows up as one of my priorities to get done that day, just like the other work related priorities etc. that are on there. It’s a non-negotiable.

And, keeping the practices short (I only expect 5 minutes of myself for now to commit to. If I want to go longer, great. If not, great too.

But MENTALLY. That’s where it gets tricky sometimes. And that’s where we might other not make it last or not even start.

We can resist certain things because we determined it’s “hard”, “not for us”, “we tried it one day 5 years ago and didn’t like it”.

I’ve been resisting those 2 for a long time! And I know that it’s EXACTLY THEN, that I probably need it the most…

So MENTALLY I’ve been focusing on how I DON’T want to feel.

And to have that lead me to what I might need to do or change to get to how I DO want to feel. My “why”.

I DON’T want to feel drained and exhausted, stiff and achy and not being able to turn my monkey brain off.

Some key-words that describe how I DO want to feel:

Energized, relaxed, in the flow, connected, limber, recharged, at ease, calm, mentally centred and strong.

It's my WHY, my wish for myself... that I ground myself in and remind myself off when I don't feel motivated to practice those practices.

I think we need to get REAL REAL with ourselves when we are fed up of feeling a certain way.

We have to own that WE can change or tweak things that will make a difference in how we feel and show up. That we don't have to accept our current physical- or emotional well being as our future self.

We have to be able to envision what we DO want that future self to look like.

And, one of the key things to this mental process of implanting to meet yourself with a big dose of compassion.

No need to beat yourself up, feel guilty or perhaps even ashamed.

Get excited about wanting to make some changes.

Get excited about doing something new.

See it as a great challenge with tons of opportunity to learn more about yourself.

What is something that you’ve been wanting to add to your routines but that you have a hard time implementing?

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