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My "before and after" and why I steer away from focusing on aesthetics in the fitness indu

I don’t post any before and after pictures of my clients. But this one, is mine and it represents my journey with food and exercise and ultimately with myself. #vulnerabilityalert

Why don’t I focus a lot on aesthetics, the hustle and the grind within my fitness approach?

Because, if your inner-voice is a critical one (and unfortunately for a lot of women -and men- that is there when it comes to body-image, appearance and worth in general), it’s easy to get consumed with food and exercise and utilize those to control your shape or size as an (unhealthy) coping-mechanism or as part of our 'worthiness chase'.

Exactly that (wanting to control your shape and size) is a fair part of the fitness industry. There’s nothing wrong with it, IF you have a healthy relationship with yourself.

IF your worth isn’t attached to a specific goal.

IF it’s not interfering with how you feel and consume your every day life negatively.

I’ve been in that space. It DID consume me. And I tell you. It’s not a happy place. I’m so SO happy I found a better relationship with food and ultimately with myself.

The girl on the left was very insecure, I didn’t take good care of myself, wasn’t very kind to myself and was consumed by caloric intake…there were a lot of happy moments (here I was in Australia, on a first “date” with my now husband), but there wasn’t an internal happiness with self.

The woman on the right, feels so much stronger both emotionally and physically.

I’ve learned to take care of myself.

I enjoy food, and what I’m eating or not eating doesn’t take up any mental energy.

I've gotten to know myself AND my body better (my body reacts to stress by burning more) and am mindful of upping my nutrition game in higher stress times.

I recognize when I let external validation rule how I feel about myself.

I definitely still run into limiting beliefs and self-doubt in different area’s in my life…but I’m better at actually feeling it (vs. numbing, denying or covering up), and with a sense of ownership and gentle coaching see what I can do to move out of it into the space of possibility and to regain an excitement for change and challenge. I feel deeply and use it as my guide within the process of self-discovery and growth.

What I want to provide within my training and business, is that place where you can show up and meet you where you’re at that day.

A safe space to challenge yourself and your beliefs.

If ANYTHING, that’s where I’d like to challenge you. Get you excited about yourself, what you can do and achieve, find excitement in the process and in the challenge.

I want to encourage you to tune into how you’re feeling.

To tune into your self-chatter.

To be honest with yourself. To be kind to yourself.

Can you adjust what things need to look like, depending on the day, without turning that into ‘not good enough-ness’ and other negative self-talk.

This. This is my WHY. And supporting you with yours is what I feel privileged to do.

Either online, within my small group training classes or 1:1.❤️

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