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What's your relationship with food?

When I was sitting on this bench doing some work (I’ll take the great outdoors as my office any day!).

I was thinking about how I’ve shifted to intuitive eating for years and years now, without actually labeling it that way (or knowing at the time that that’s what I was doing).

I don’t have “good” or “bad” food anymore. I don’t have guidelines or regulations around how much to eat and when.

It’s so’s awesome.

I go by 3 things:

✅ does it truly taste good? And I mean…TRULY taste good.

This muffin, didn’t cut it. I didn’t appreciate the kind of sweetness, the flavour. Didn’t finish it.

And this can also look like: loving the flavour for the first so many bites and then it loses it’s appeal (too big of a serving, flavour starts to go south). I won’t finish it.

✅ does it make me feel good in the long run? Some things might taste ah-mazing but soon after I might feel anxiety rev through my body (high sugar can do that for me) or I feel extremely sluggish afterwards. If I know that’s going to happen, I try to avoid it.

✅ what do I need most in this moment?

I’m not the best sleeper, so if I’m running on super low energy some days my body wants all the carbs/sugar. I do give into that, but I’m also trying to be aware of what else I add to my day to actually help my energy levels.

Enough water? Protein? Good fats? Veggies?

Do I always perfect this approach? Nope! I sometimes eat because I’m bored and stressed, without any hunger cues (which would be another pointer to follow: hunger- and fullness cues). But there’s always room for improvement! 😁

Intuitive eating to me doesn’t mean that you just eat all of everything all the time.

What it DOES mean to me is being very aware and mindful of what my body needs; how it responds to food; what food tastes like.

It’s supposed to be enjoyed! It’s supposed to aid in feeling good emotionally and physically.

No “good” or “bad” labeling. No counting or weighing.

Just you tuning into you and most likely a willingness to un-do a lot of the BS beliefs around food and our worth that we’ve adopted over time (because how can we not have some of that with the whole diet and fitness industry in our face telling us what we need to do/shouldn’t do to control the shape of our body).

YOU know your body best.

Your BODY knows best. You just need to trust yourself and tune in long enough to receive the feedback.

And THIS mindset my friends, I realize I’ve adopted with exercise too. Intuitive exercising.

I didn’t even know it was a thing. But it has been my approach within

my own training and my business.

But that deserves a different post. ☺️🙌🏼

What’s your relationship with food and exercise?

Does it feel good? Does it excite you? Do you spend a lot of mental energy on your choices? Or are you more relaxed about it all? I’d love to hear. 💗

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