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The message in the fitness industry I struggle with the most...

Pet peeves? No. That’s not the right word. It’s bigger than just an annoyance, or something that rubs me the wrong way.

It’s deeper rooted because I know it can be part of a bigger issue.

Fitness and nutrition can be sensitive topics for both female AND male.

Because they can be the (illusive and destructive) means to an end when it comes down to eating disorders or disordered eating, body-dysmorphia disorders, low self-esteem, lack of self-love.

And messaging, where the motivation for exercise and diet is based on compensation and restriction;

where it’s used as punishment for consuming certain foods that are labeled “bad”;

and where body-parts need to be shaped a certain way in order to fit a certain season, a certain event or clothing items…hurt us.

On a physical and emotional level.

Even if you don’t struggle with disordered eating or other related illnesses…this type of messaging tell us to label

ourselves good or bad based on our decisions and actions in regards to food and fitness.

It can become part of our worth, our sense of self and our identity.

It’s not uncommon to hear the following phrases in classes, or posted on Social Media used as motivation or to entice you to buy a program:

“Let’s burn off that ice cream!!”

“Let’s work hard so we can earn that treat/dinner out/turkey dinner/drinks [you fill in the blank]… later!!”

“Do you want tank top arms, bikini abs, J-lo’s booty? Follow this routine!“

“Let’s get beach body ready!”

“Let’s balance out summer living!”

I know it’s meant to be motivational. Maybe you think I’m being oversensitive. But, I take it and the role I play within the fitness industry very seriously.

It’s messaging I choose to not partake in.

I think it’s important that we choose our focus wisely.

We can’t control and change society’s beliefs and norms overnight, and some of it will be hard to change… but YOU can control what you’re choosing to tell yourself.

You CAN control where your focus goes in conversation with others.

You CAN control which Social Media accounts you are following and choosing to see on a daily basis in your feed.

Let’s use fitness and food to feel our best selves.

Right now AND in the future.

Strong, capable, healthy, confident, empowered, happy.

It can definitely be a means to an end.

But it goes hand in hand with a mindset and belief system that is based on self-love and self-worth.

Let’s enjoy that journey of self-discovery and inquiry.

That’s where the magic happens.

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