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Training for life vs. the beach

The term “Beach Body” was popping up throughout my day yesterday and every time it did…it bugged the heck out of me!

I get it, I chose to take offence to it and make a big deal about it. But I think it’s important to be aware what we feed ourselves mentally throughout the day. And I can’t find a good angle on this particular term. It makes me cringe. Every.single.time.

I understand that it’s marketing. That a lot of that is about playing into people’s insecurities to get you to buy their products and services. And we kind of have adopted the term as a “thing” and throw it around right, left and centre.

I’ve seen multiple adds for health- and skincare products with the caption “Get Beach Body Ready!”. I’ve seen fitness pages using it a ton more. Then later yesterday, I went to the Fitness Depot to get some more weights (because my Monday- and Saturday Strength classes are growing! 💪🏼) and when I asked about a certain product and popularity he mentioned that 'BeachBody'’s new program is making those bands sell fast. Two minutes later he mentioned that this weather is doing the business good because people are wanting to work on their beach bodies. 😖

I don’t want a beach body. I want a strong, capable, healthy, ‘feel good’ body. Year round.

The focus on getting it “beach ready” is one of pure aesthetic reasons. You’re going into the gym to shrink this, tighten up that…and what if it doesn’t end up looking the way you want it to look?

It most likely goes hand in hand with self-hatred and insecurity about certain body parts.

I get that exposing so much of ourselves on the beach/in summertime can be anxiety provoking.

But it’s marketing and societal beliefs around that, that play a big role in that, feed it and keep it alive! Let’s turn that focus around.

A beach body is a body that you take to the beach. Period. Whatever that looks like.

Just like I have a “take the heavy groceries out of the car body”, “take my kids for bike-rides body”, “shovel a s*** load of snow body” “feel good in my jeans and sweater body”.

And that is training for life. Year round.

Goals beyond aesthetics. How do you want to feel?

In the long run, it’s a body that I aim to treat right. It's growing and practicing a mindset of self-love and self-worth and self-care, so that it can help me live my best life.

"Live it".

Strong, capable, healthy and feeling good.💞

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