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Maintaining a sense of wonder...

When I was driving on beautiful country roads to visit a friend today;

and I was awe struck by the gorgeous colours and scenery around me…

I started to think about how focusing on the beauty around me; being present to my surroundings always instantly makes me feel good.

How taking the time to place your attention on things that you appreciate that are part of our every day life (and easy to take for granted) can elevate your mood, level of happiness and general sense of fulfilment and satisfaction with your life.

Do you appreciate and marvel about how your body works at times?

Mobility. Range of Motion. Sense like eye sight, hearing, taste. Mechanics like breathing… Your health?

About the fact that we live in a country where we don’t have to fear for our lives.

Yes, there might be lots of things to complain about (because that’s what we do) but really…we are pretty darn lucky to have the luxuries and privileges we have here.

Do you look at your loved ones and get this overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for these human beings (big or small) that are in your life. Do you let them know how much they mean to you on a regular basis?

I could go on and on, but I guess you get the picture.

An attitude of gratitude. A sense of wonder.

It’s easy to bypass that feeling and those experiences when we get wrapped up in the to-do-lists, deadlines and schedules.

When we are on auto-pilot. Waiting for the weekend, wishing for certain days to go by, for struggle to be over, for our bodies to look a certain way, for other people to appreciate us... (again here, I could go on and on...)

Life isn't always what we hoped for. People don't always behave how we would like them to.

Every day won’t be amazing.

This is all part of life.

But there are WONDERful things in our every day life.

Let’s not forget about those. Let them give you strength and hope and an appreciation for the life you live.

What we call “the little things in life” truly are the big things.

Keep them in your focus. Don’t let those out of your sight. ❤️

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