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Goals Beyond Aesthetics

One of my favourite phrases and hashtags to indicate where my focus is within training and fitness.

Goals beyond aesthetics.

Weight loss can definitely be a very valid and fair goal. I don’t underestimate that.

I feel better in my clothes and in my skin when my body has a bit more shape to it and muscle mass gives me that.

But, the aesthetic part isn’t my main goal.

I’ve spent too much of my energy there in the past and it feels amazing to have shifted my focus instead to:

How it lifts my mood, lowers feelings of anxiety;

How it’s my me-time and self-care;

How it gives me energy;

Gets me connected to my body;

How I love feeling strong;

How it challenges me mentally and physically, how what first didn’t seem possible IS possible over time;

How it taught (and still teaches) me to tune into my body and mind, and learn to differentiate when to push it and when to respect my limits.

How the long term benefits of taking care of my body will be priceless and are crucial for how I will be feeling and moving at an older age.

I’ve come to realize over time that a certain physique definitely doesn’t equal how good I feel about myself.

We can hold hatred and limiting beliefs inside any shape or size.

Changing that shape or size won’t change how we feel about ourselves if we don’t address that.

Growing our self-worth and self-love is the gateway to feeling better.

It comes with wanting the best for ourselves.

Treating our mind and body right.

THAT might change your shape/size in the process, but the beauty of it then is…that your worth is off the hook.

Working out and your relationship with food will feel less “obsessive”, because you’re not defining yourself or your worth by a number on the scale.

Goals beyond aesthetics. It’s a game changer.

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