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Tune in

This salad (2 bowls of them) was my lunch today. Soooo good. Mixed greens, beets, walnuts, goat cheese, blue berries, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ground pepper.

Here's the deal though:

This is not how I eat all the time.

This isn't about "look at me eating a salad and being all "good" with my nutrition."

This is actually about me having eaten way more sugar than I normally eat for the last several days (kid #1 has been making pancakes and mug cakes that needed to be tested).

This is about me feeling crappy on that much sugar.

This IS about tuning into how food and exercise makes me feel.

About wanting to fuel my body right because it does trickle out into other area's (mood, energy levels...).

This is also about being able to enjoy food, exercise (and life!) without letting it take up a lot of mental space.

No calculations. Tracking. Guilt or shame. Restricting. Compensating.

Just about: "how does it make me feel".

Does that sound scary? Too simple? Too hard?

Yes. Going 'rogue' and not having a step-by-step guide as to what to do (how much to eat, which types of food, how much to move, what type of activity is best etc.) can feel SO scary if that's what you've been telling yourself you need.

But it's so empowering to find that inner-motivation. To figure out what is best for YOUR body and mind.

Tune in.

I think we underestimate our own power. Our own wisdom. Our own 'knowing'.

Because we do have the answers. Be mindful. Trust yourself. REALLY tune in.

Have your eye on the price. Your pay-off. Your "why".

Which in ANY area of my life now is: HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL?

Tune in.

Sometimes, it will take fighting the instant gratification and having my eye on the longer term goals (i.e. getting my butt into gear vs. lounging in order to gain energy, have more mental clarity, de-stress etc.)

Other times, it means compassion and kindness for myself when I choose differently. When I choose rest. When I choose all the sugar and less nutritiousness food.

Sometimes, I need to take that break to remind myself how I DON'T want to feel and to experience again how much of a difference exercise and nutrition make.

Tune in.

Realize that labeling food and yourself in "good" or "bad" terms, is going to make the process (and yourself) feel shitty.

There is no "good" or "bad". Just consequences in how you FEEL.

No guilt. No shame. No labels.

Be mindful. Trust yourself. Focus on your 'why'.

Remember that changing a habit isn't easy. That you'll feel uncomfortable at first. But that's ok.

It's just part of the process. Resisting that feeling will mean nothing will ever change.

There's nothing to learn, nothing to gain there. Embrace your journey.

Tune in.

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