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Exercise throughout Pregnancy

There are so many great sources and articles out there that outline a variety of physiological and psychological benefits throughout pregnancy.

Think about benefits like better sleep, managing healthy weight gain, lowering risk for (or managing) gestational diabetes or pregnancy induced hypertension, reducing development of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, getting to know more moms(to-be), tapping into a support system where you’re able to share your motherhood journey with it’s ups- and downs…

I’m a big advocate of exercising throughout pregnancy and beyond (when cleared by physician, when it’s done in a safe and smart way and it aids in feeling good).

My own experiences with the benefits of exercise throughout three pregnancies; and especially how it has helped me cope with anxiety postnatal…has put a special place in my heart for the pre-and postnatal population (and yes, this is a special population with changing bodies and systems and therefore modified needs in different stages).

The following benefits are my philosophy and approach within training, my main reasons why I wanted to start working in the fitness industry and my “why’s” for being active:

I strongly believe in exercise to be a coping-mechanism to help deal with life’s stresses, physical demands and to get out of our heads and connect with our body and breath.

To use it as our self-care and “me-time”.

To recharge, rejuvenate and de-stress.

To learn about ourselves. Our inner-chatter.

Our inner-critic and inner-cheerleader.

Where we learn to listen to our bodies.

Where we give it what it needs.

Where we challenge ourselves (where it feels good to do so) and where we respect our limits where needed.

To help us feel stronger, more confident and energetic.

And when those reasons become your main “why”, that’s when the magic happens…

That’s where you’ll build a habit for life that feels maintainable, enjoyable and supports you in feeling good physically and emotionally.

And that my friends, is what Live it Fitness is all about.

Before, during and after pregnancy.

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