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How much is your unconsciousness ruling your life?

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." <3

Belief-systems. Some of it gets passed on early in life, some of it later. It doesn't matter who started it, or when we picked it up. We are in control of which ones we want to hold on to and which ones we want to get rid off...are our thoughts serving us? making us feel good? Or do we feel contracted, fearful, judgmental, down on ourselves...

Is the process of making the unconscious conscious, changing the way we react to it and changing our beliefs easy? Nope. Gonna happen over night? Not likely. Just like changing any habit, it's a process... it'll take time, patience, energy, effort, a good dose of kindness and compassion for ourselves, having a support-system, pushing through comfort zones and keeping your eye on the price. Is it worth our time and energy? Heck yeah!

Feeling good about who I am, comfortable in my own skin is in my books my most important journey...from there, a lot of other things will fall in place...

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