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Are you tired of your own bull$hit?

Bam! I think we need to be straight shooters...especially with ourselves. Why and how are WE making ourselves feel the way we do.

The raw, un-cut version. Not the one that is covered in old stories that don't serve us anymore; or that is convenient because it holds blame for others and/or circumstances.

. Own it. The dark, the messy, the painful truth.

Add a ton (and a mean a ton!) of compassion. Shame and guilt will pull you back down instead of moving forward.

Reach out. Find support. Sharing and opening up about the struggle will make it feel lighter.

. It took me about 1.5 years (until after my second child was born) to finally reach out and open up about my post partum anxiety. And it wasn’t until quite some time later that I realized my beliefs about my worth were so shaky that that scared the heck out of me in regards to being able to be a good enough mom. Enter sleep-deprivation and hormonal changes and those beliefs came out stronger and feeling more like the “truth” than ever. But that realization, as hard as that was to admit, came with awareness and strength to slowly turn my story around.

. We might be embarrassed or ashamed about what we are feeling and thinking...and believe that everybody else has it together...and that that (mask) equals strength and success.

TRUE strength, courage and bravery is found in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. In owning our stuff, our hardships. In shedding light on it. Gently dissecting the stories that hurt us. Refusing to have it STAY hard. Realizing you have the power to make the change and you don't have to go through it alone. 💗

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