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Is your motivation ego- or fear driven?

Motivation. I'm intrigued by it. Why do we do what we do? What do we do, when, how and what does it feel like? The reasons behind our actions in one area of our life, most likely fan out to other area's in our life, relationships etc. So yes! I think it's big. And it's important to understand what motivates us. Self-disclosure: I can really stress myself out when the house is messy, cluttered, dirty...especially when I'm expecting visitors. Not all the time, but enough that it bugs me and I want to change how it feels. When I really think about it, I link the state of my house to feeling "capable, worthy, good enough"...I judge myself for it and expect others to do the same. Of course that doesn't feel good! There's a lot at stake there. So, now being aware of that, what if I would deliberately and consciously change my motivation, when I catch myself going down that road. Make it more about enjoying a certain state and space (less clutter more clear mind, simply taking pride in your home), and working towards that without attaching my worth to it or worry what other people might think? Could I have more compassion for myself and the kids if it's just not in the cards that day? Maybe you can see how this can translate so greatly to other area's in our life. Think about your fitness goals. How would it feel if you purely make it about losing pounds and inches? Judging yourself and feeling judged? Could you switch to a motivation that is less externally focused, less ego- and fear based and more focused on feeling strong, healthy, fit, energetic, relaxed etc. What are your thoughts on this?

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