A Healthy Pelvic Floor: 'the what, why and how'

Are you struggling with stress incontinence (leaking upon impact, or when you cough, sneeze, laugh)?

Have you been told that that is NORMAL since you had babies or because of your age?

It's COMMON, yes. But not normal and equals a not optimally functioning core that can lead to other things up and down the chain (think low back pain, knee pain, foot pain, upper body weakness, etc.)

I guide women through 4 weeks of online training in a private, supportive, non-judgmental FB Group. Through A FULL BODY approach you'll learn to (re)connect to your pelvic floor and implement strategies to increase your pelvic floor health and overall strength.

You'll commit to YOU and will be held accountable (which is the missing piece for a lot of women to notice results!) to show up and do the work. 

Small Group Strength Classes 

Strength training in a supportive, non-judgmental, small group setting; where you'll be encouraged to tune in, move with mindfulness, meet yourself where you're at and enjoy the journey!

A variety of training principles and exercise equipment, ensure a fun and challenging workout for all levels (incl. pre- and postnatal).

See 'Classes' for more details.

Online Training Memberships (COMING SOON!) 

Do you want to workout from the comfort of your own home, but you don't know where to start? Are you looking for accountability and a safe way to strengthen your full body based on where you're at and your abilities?

Join my private group, in which you'll get access to: 

- all my classes streamed "live" so you can join in the action and tap into the accountability of attending classes.

- recordings of the classes available for the whole month

- weekly mindset focused topics to help you integrate healthy habits into your life for life (think: motivation, how to set yourself up for success, self-compassion and more!). 

- other fitness related content like exercise video's to go over form and modifications, pelvic floor health and more 

- weekly 'lives' to ask me any questions and to go over content posted in the group

ipery exercise with a focus on form and modifications;

​- ACCOUNTABILITY! You'll be held accountable through intention and commitment 'contrats' at the start so you will SHOW UP FOR YOU and start building habits for life. 

Mireille Nalder - AFLCA, Fit4Two Certified Motivator - (403) 869 2563 -