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A Healthy Pelvic Floor: the KEY to so much more! (online course)

Are you struggling with stress incontinence (leaking upon impact, or when you cough, sneeze, laugh)?

Have you been told that that is NORMAL since you had babies or because of your age?

It's COMMON, yes. But not normal and equals a not optimally functioning core that can lead to other things up and down the chain (think low back pain, knee pain, foot pain, upper body weakness, etc.)

I guide women through 4 weeks of online training. Through A FULL BODY approach you'll learn to (re)connect to your pelvic floor and implement strategies to increase your pelvic floor health and overall strength.

SEE "Pelvic Floor" in Menu for more details!

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Small Group Strength Classes (Calgary, SW)

Strength training in a supportive, non-judgmental, small group setting; where you'll be encouraged to tune in, move with mindfulness, meet yourself where you're at and enjoy the journey!

A variety of training principles and exercise equipment, ensure a fun and challenging workout for all levels (incl. pre- and postnatal).

See 'Classes' for more details.

Online LIVE Strength Classes 
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Join me on an online GLOBAL platform called Amphy!

Choose from a variety of different 30 minute LIVE strength classes (incl. pre-/postnatal).

Train from the comfort of your own home! 

Minimal equipment needed (dumb bells and resistance band are ideal!).

Lots of options for modifications to challenge you based on where you're at! 

Build confidence in your capabilities, full body strength and have fun with the process! 

Go to to find a class that works best for you and to book your spot!

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