Learn how to properly contract and release your pelvic floor through different cues and exercises. Understand how breathing in a specific way and posture can add up to positive changes in your pelivc floor health. We'll cover 4 different progression exercises to build strength and endurance and minimize symptoms like leakage. 
4 week program within a FB Accountability Group, where you'll be set up for success to actually IMPLEMENT what you learn through oversee-able, bite-sized homework. Plus learn strategies as in how to up your chances of installing new habits (which can trickle out in other area's of your life!) 
Weekly 'lives' in which I deliver the content personally (besides the manuals you'll receive) and where you have the opportunity to ask questions and check in.
Bonus: workout video to tie what we learned to movement. 
Investment$157 CA
3 week online program in which: 
- You'll build on your basic knowledge and practice and dive deeper into how posture plays such a big role, and can make or break pelvic floor health. And what YOU can do to help offset postural imbalances through specific strength training exercises..
- You'll learn how other muscle groups are facially connected to your Pelvic Floor and how training those increases your Pelvic Floor Strength in a subconscious and automatic way (vs. consciously contracting doing kegels).
- Besides manuals, online presentations and my weekly 'Live' in the group to connect and deliver the content, you'll receive 2 different workout video's and a video with stretch exercises.
- And of course the Accountability strategies I'll set you up with so you will get the most out of this program!
Investment: $129
Sign up for both Fundamentals and Beyond Kegels and receive 10% off on both!  ($257 for the 2 courses)
To be added soon! Please send me an email for more details. 
Summer schedule: FULLY BOOKED!
Fall schedule to be posted in August. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis with current clientele having priority for booking into same time slots. Please email me if you want to be put on email list to stay in the loop of classes!
Monday's 9.30am 
Wednesday's 7pm 
Friday's 9.30am
Additional evening class: TBA
Additional morning class: TBA 
$136 for 8 classes (registered sessions)
Drop-in: 10 class pass $200
** Drop-in is on a first come, first served basis IF space available. Clients that register are guaranteed a spot and have priority booking for future sessions**.
1-on-1Training $70/hour
Partner-Training $105/hour ($52.5/pp/hr)
Workshops on location
Rates depend on group-size, length and type of workshop, quadrant of the city and type of workshop.
Please contact me to discuss fees.





Registration and Payment Policies

1) Programs (sessions that are scheduled to run for several weeks at a time) must be paid 72 hours prior to the start of the class in order to reserve your spot as groups are kept small limiting availability. If you decide to join sessions last minute and space is available, classes need to be payed in full prior to starting.
Payment can be made via e-transfer (info@liveitfitnesscalgary.com), cash or cheque.

2) Booking your class guarantees your spot. Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can book your spot either via the "book online" tab on the website or by contacting me on my Social Media accounts (links to both Instagram and Facebook at top of page).

If booking portal mentions no spaces are available, please send Live it Fitness a message, so you can be put on a waitlist. 

3) Refund Policy. No refunds will be provided if classes are missed during the scheduled session. Refunds for programs will only be given if the session is cancelled 24 hours prior to start of the first class.

Live it Fitness does however, offer make-up classes for missed classes. Within your registered amount of weeks, you can attend any other class (if a spot is available).

Cancellation Policies

1) In the event of class cancellation by “Live it Fitness” (i.e. illness instructor or less than 4 people (Strength class)/5 people (HIGH  Fitness) booked for class), we will contact you by phone at least 2 hours prior to the start of the class. If you had reserved a spot in said class, participants are welcome to attend one of the other scheduled classes that are offered (if space available). If there is no other class available (either full, or it doesn't work for your schedule), you will be given priority to book onto the same class the following week.

2) Outdoor classes: If weather conditions are poor (temperatures below zero degrees, thunderstorms and torrential downpour) the class will be held inside. Availability will be based on first come, first serve bases (rsvp order).  
3) Reservations for single classes and 1-on-1 sessions may be cancelled online or by messaging me, without charge, up to 12 hours prior to the beginning of a morning class; and up to 4 hours prior to an afternoon/evening class. “Live it Fitness” reserves the right to deduct a class from your punch pass, or charge you for the 1-on-1 fee if you "no show" or cancel within the 12 or 4 hours prior to the start of the class. Please note, “Live it Fitness” is sensitive to life’s unexpected turn of events and will make exceptions to our policy based on individual cases and situations.

4) When you purchase 5 week sessions, you have the flexibility of putting your 5 weeks on hold for a max. of 2 weeks during the months of July and August and a max. of 1 week throughout the rest of the year (per 5 weeks). This request for a hold needs to be submitted a min. of 2 weeks prior to your holiday. 


Class Policies

1) All first time participants must sign and submit an online form which covers Informed Consent, short fitness questionairre and Par Q, before participating in a class/session – even drop-ins. Live it Fitness will send you the form, after you've reserved a spot in one of the classes.
If you drop-in without having submitted this form, you can do this prior to the class but you will need to arrive 10 minutes early in order to complete this on location.

2) Please arrive on time. It is unsafe to go into a class that has completed the warm-up, for that reason “Live it Fitness” won’t allow you to join the class anymore if you arrive after the warm-up portion of the class.
3) The following shoes will not be permitted: open toe shoes, sandals, boots or dress shoes. Athletic-type shoes must be worn.
4) Please respect the instructor and other participants by following enforced policies. Unruly participants can be asked to leave at the instructor’s discretion.

Mireille Nalder - AFLCA, Fit4Two Certified Motivator - (403) 869 2563 - info@liveitfitnesscalgary.com