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Humshakal 2014 Full Movie Torrent Download




The film is a remake of the 2011 Malayalam film of the same name directed by Antony Perumal. The film released on 14 November 2014 to mixed reviews, with praise for the cast performances but criticism for lack of storyline. Plot The story revolves around a group of home-makers and a gang of petrol pump attendants, who play practical jokes on people. A group of such lookalikes have started to impersonate actors and movie personalities for the fun of it. The gang includes Anamika (Chitra Anand) and Manjiri (Rhea) who meet Sandhya (Rahul Roy) on the way home. Both of them are intelligent and happen to be two years apart in age and it is easy for the two to get along. Sandhya, after an incident, has promised Anamika that she will marry him as he is better-looking than him. Anamika also insists that he has to marry her for getting Sandhya's father's brother married to her. Manjiri also insists that he wants to marry her. Sandhya has no interest in him and lets both of them go. It is also known that Sandhya's father, Madan Mohan (Deepak Parashar), was a sex addict and so she grew up to be sexually uninhibited. This in turn is causing many problems in her life. Her mother, Geeta Mohan (Smita Patil) is very understanding and gives her daughter all the support she needs and stays with her 24/7. The only person who knows all this is the friend of Sandhya who is a dancer and is also sexually active. The friend is so familiar with Sandhya that she is also aware that she has a boyfriend named Sanket (Rahul Roy). Sanket, who is also a love guru, tells Sandhya that he is there for her. Sandhya falls in love with Sanket but he is hesitant to reciprocate the feelings. It is also known that Sandhya's father is in love with Hira, who is a socially conscious school teacher. Madan is a group-I officer and is posted in Delhi. When Sandhya wants to leave Delhi to pursue a career in Mumbai, he insists on accompanying her but Geeta thinks that it is better to leave him there because she has not seen him in years and she does not want her daughter to be exposed to any more of this situation. Sandhya, despite her



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Humshakal 2014 Full Movie Torrent Download

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