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Leaking when you exercise, laugh or sneeze is very common amongst women after babies or when they enter menopause; but it’s NOT normal and you don't have to suffer with symptoms like leaking, pressure and pain during intercourse that can greatly affect the quality of your life. 


There ARE things you can do to improve your pelvic floor health. 


I'm Mireille Nalder, owner and trainer at Live it Fitness. 

My aim is to help women understand the WHY and the HOW of their pelvic floor health. So that they can implement the WHAT. Simple strategies, daily life style habits and strength exercises to improve their pelvic floor health.


Dysfunction here can affect our whole system and visa versa: your muscular and skeletal system can affect your pelvic floor health.


That’s why in my 4 week online course,  I’m guiding you through a FULL BODY APPROACH.


The course includes: 

❏ 4 weeks of organized lessons (video’s, PDF’s, slide-shows, audio cues and worksheets) that you can access anytime works best for you! The course content and lesson plans are all organized for you in an online portal. 


❏ Access to a private FB group for community, support and accountability and in which you can ask me any questions as we go along;


❏ Weekly ‘live’ group coaching calls (in the FB group) in which I go over the week’s content, and in which you get a chance to ask any questions and get personal support. Recordings of the calls will stay available to (re)watch.


❏ Lifetime! access to the course materials (incl. any updates, additional content and bonuses that might be added over time).


❏ You'll have access to my Referral Cash Program. Every time a friend of yours signs up for my course, I'll e-transfer you $50 (no limits on how much you can make! if 4 of your friends sign up, I'll send you $200). *when they sign up for my course full price. if they take a discounted course, you'll receive $25/friend 


Topics we cover in the lesson plans: 


✻ Habit implementation Strategies (because…a course is just information if you don’t put the knowledge to use!)

⇢Learn how to up your chances of success when it comes down to implementing little habits.


✻ How to (re)connect to your Pelvic Floor.

A lot of women have lost a connection to this muscle which makes it hard for it to fire up when it needs to; OR it might be 'on' a lot and THAT on it’s own can cause issues. 

⇢Learn how to connect to, engage and release your pelvic floor through your breath;


✻ Pelvic Floor Progression Exercises.

You might be surprised that there’s more to a pelvic floor contraction than just ‘stopping the flow of urine!’.; and that there are 3 different parts to your pelvic floor that ideally are able to relax and turn on.

⇢ Learn different pelvic floor exercise progressions to work on strength, endurance AND relaxation.


❋ Postural Alignment and Correction Exercises

How we carry our body all day long influences the ability of your pelvic floor to work optimally and can worsen/hinder improvement of symptoms.

⇢Learn which common misalignments can worsen/cause pelvic floor dysfunction; and tune in to what optimal alignment looks and feels like (seated, standing, and throughout working out).

⇢ Learn what you can do to offset these imbalances through strength training and stretch exercises (incl. exercise and short workout video’s)


AND 🥳 2 BONUS materials (Valued at $97) 


#1 ✔︎Learn how a healthy pelvic floor contracts SUBCONSCIOUSLY (in an anticipatory way) and which exercises you can do to (re)train this muscle group to work this way (videos and downloadable PDF format).

#2 ✔︎Learn how to connect to your TVA (your deepest abdominal layer) and how to strengthen this muscle (video training).


Investment: $297 

Sign up prior to January 4th and receive $25 off! 

Use promo-code NEWYEAR25

A Healthy Pelvic Floor: the key to so much more!

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