Are you struggling with leakage up on impact? Perhaps when you sneeze, cough, laugh? Maybe you never had any issues with this until you started reaching menopause? 


This is all VERY COMMON for women and you're not alone. But just because it's common, doesn't mean it's normal. And in fact, dysfunction here can truly affect your overall strength and be the cause of injuries and aches and pains up and down the chain. 


I'm Mireille Nalder, owner and trainer at Live it Fitness and I am on a mission to open up awareness and discussion around pelvic floor health and that dysfunction here does not have to be accepted as your new norm. 


Join me for 4 weeks of interactive learning, community and support within a private FB group. 


- HOW to actually engage your pelvic floor and how to release it;

- HOW to breathe so that your core works dynamically as a system (at rest and throughout movement)

- HOW to strength train to correct postural imbalances that can cause/keep in place pelvic floor dysfunction;

- HOW to get your pelvic floor to automatically and subconsciously fire up through strength exercises (vs. consciously contracting your pelvic floor through kegels).


What can you expect? 


✔️access to a portal in which you'll find PDF's, audio clips and video's (incl. several workout video's that you can recycle and reuse) for you to keep and go back to; 

✔️small bite sized homework;

✔️accountabilty and community in a private FB group

✔️PLUS a follow up post 4-weeks, in which you'll be guided to continue working on your goals based on your unique situation...


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A Healthy Pelvic Floor: the key to so much more!

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