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Habits and the Mental Game (part 2)

Feeling stuck in in-action… Feeling stuck in patterns that we know don’t serve us (perhaps a mindset, or practical things in our day that we do or don’t do)… It it such a common, universal feeling and why does it feel SO hard to change habits? Yes, some of them are engrained. Hard-wired perhaps. They feel like ‘home’ and can add up to feeling ‘safe’ and comfortable. Yes, some of them take a lot of work and effort to start or maintain and it can feel overwhelming and perhaps even ‘threatening’ to change or start. But I believe that one MENTAL switch can be a huge fire starter to off-set some of those barriers that make implementing new habits so hard. Most of us belief that THE approach to ch

Habits and the mental game part 1.

Little tweaks in mindset. Little actions. They can all add up to feeling more of who you are at your best. We all know it. Right? We probably all have things that we know would be great for us to do or change...but to actually implement it can be a whole different ball game. I can struggle with this too and will share how I’m going about it. I’ve been wanting to to add 2 little things to my day for a long time now. Meditation and Stretching. What I've been doing practically: it’s the simple things that help me, like writing them down every day so it shows up as one of my priorities to get done that day, just like the other work related priorities etc. that are on there. It’s a non-negotiable

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