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Claim Your Time

This post is is for all the stay-at-home moms and dads out there. (The relationship with picture will make sense towards end of the post). Whether you are working from home, caring for your kids and managing the fort, homeschooling... or whatever your situation is… Claim.your.time. CLAIM.YOUR.TIME. Whatever you spend that on. It doesn’t have to be justified as productive. Or “important”. If it’s important to YOU, that’s all that matters. Leave. Walk around the block. Sit down with a book. Whatever it is that makes you feel recharged and like you’re getting a little break from your usual demands and roles. Whatever connects you to a different part of you that needs to be connected to. You spe

Goals Beyond Aesthetics

One of my favourite phrases and hashtags to indicate where my focus is within training and fitness. Goals beyond aesthetics. Weight loss can definitely be a very valid and fair goal. I don’t underestimate that. I feel better in my clothes and in my skin when my body has a bit more shape to it and muscle mass gives me that. But, the aesthetic part isn’t my main goal. I’ve spent too much of my energy there in the past and it feels amazing to have shifted my focus instead to: How it lifts my mood, lowers feelings of anxiety; How it’s my me-time and self-care; How it gives me energy; Gets me connected to my body; How I love feeling strong; How it challenges me mentally and physically, how what f

Tune in

This salad (2 bowls of them) was my lunch today. Soooo good. Mixed greens, beets, walnuts, goat cheese, blue berries, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ground pepper. Here's the deal though: This is not how I eat all the time. This isn't about "look at me eating a salad and being all "good" with my nutrition." This is actually about me having eaten way more sugar than I normally eat for the last several days (kid #1 has been making pancakes and mug cakes that needed to be tested). This is about me feeling crappy on that much sugar. This IS about tuning into how food and exercise makes me feel. About wanting to fuel my body right because it does trickle out into other area's (mood, energy level

The difference between self-improvement and chasing worthiness.

There is such a downfall to the whole self-improvement and self-help industry (including the fitness industry I’m in!) Articles and workshops that try to make us believe that we need to attend/read/subscribe in order to unlock our fullest potential, how to be more successful, have your best body ever…etc. It tries to make us believe and feel that without reading this book, attending this workshop, following a certain program for 30 days…we won’t be good enough. It reinforces that we are lacking something. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE reading inspirational quotes, blogs, and books. I’ve read quite my share of self-help books. And still seek out books about i.e. leadership, motivation, psycholog

Tune into how you feel

Be honest with yourself. Tune into how you feel when you take a break from working out. Energetically, mood-wise and in regards to your internal chatter. Are you using exercise purely for a tool to control your weight and shape? If so, how does not exercising (because of holidays, injury, being sick -you name it-) make you feel? Most likely a bit anxious? Upset? Worried? I haven't always had a healthy relationship with food. As a young adult and up to becoming a mom, I would really think about calories and how much to eat etc. And this is how I know and feel that I have a healthier relationship with food, fitness and ultimately MYSELF. When I break from working out, I don't feel guilty. I d

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