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What I believe to be key when implementing new habits...

These are my personal- and professional "pillars"...the key elements I believe to be true and important when introducing new habits into your life and that I integrate in my training style. It's quite the “sermon” but have a read. Especially when you are in the midst of changing some things around in your life(style). 1- I'm a big believer in finding your "PAY-OFF". Both for starting a new, positive habit and to understand why we keep a negative habit. What do you get out of it? What drives you, motivates you? 2- I believe that we might need to "ADJUST WHAT THINGS NEED TO LOOK LIKE" at times. Be clear about what you're going for (your pay-off), but be willing to be flexible and creative in h

Are you tired of your own bull$hit?

Bam! I think we need to be straight shooters...especially with ourselves. Why and how are WE making ourselves feel the way we do. The raw, un-cut version. Not the one that is covered in old stories that don't serve us anymore; or that is convenient because it holds blame for others and/or circumstances. . Own it. The dark, the messy, the painful truth. Add a ton (and a mean a ton!) of compassion. Shame and guilt will pull you back down instead of moving forward. Reach out. Find support. Sharing and opening up about the struggle will make it feel lighter. . It took me about 1.5 years (until after my second child was born) to finally reach out and open up about my post partum anxiety. And

Life is happening now.

Isn't this the truth... This got reiterated even more so, after having to say goodbye yesterday to an amazing ex-coworker, mother, wife, friend...whose life was taken way too soon. She lived her life fiercely. Pursuing her passions and career, and making a deep and everlasting impression in people's lives by being her amazing self...full of love and life and courage... ❤️ During the memorial service yesterday, her husband spoke and mentioned that he asked her towards the end if there was anything else that she wanted to do to give her life more meaning. Her reply was that there was nothing left. That she lived her life exactly the way she wanted to. She unfortunately only had 35 years t

How much is your unconsciousness ruling your life?

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." <3 Belief-systems. Some of it gets passed on early in life, some of it later. It doesn't matter who started it, or when we picked it up. We are in control of which ones we want to hold on to and which ones we want to get rid off...are our thoughts serving us? making us feel good? Or do we feel contracted, fearful, judgmental, down on ourselves... Is the process of making the unconscious conscious, changing the way we react to it and changing our beliefs easy? Nope. Gonna happen over night? Not likely. Just like changing any habit, it's a process... it'll take time, patience, energy, effort

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