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Simple, short practices..

"Finding simple, short practices that are accessible, easy to implement into your day and which are not dependant on other people or resources in order to be executed...practices that are in alignment with your need in the moment, can make such a difference in how we feel..." This was several days ago, when I had a little kid-free window... 🙏🏼 It was bliss. I needed it badly. Time to focus on me.Recharging my (challenged) system. It had been a rough week in the parenting department. 😁 I didn't want to go for a run, because I was training still later that day and I knew my body didn't need more physical exertion. But nature, was calling my name. So a walk it was. Just over half an

People pleasing...

Ha! This is something I'm learning more and more, but this hasn't come easy to me and it's still a struggle at times... People pleaser anyone? That would be me... However, throughout this journey of running my own business, I've learned that I just can't AND that it truly isn't admirable nor effective. It's exhausting. Authenticity and integrity most likely get diluted...thoughts and behaviours are fear-based ("what if they don't like it? me?) vs. coming from that place of trust and knowing that I'm acting in alignment with who I am and what I stand for. Yes, the imposter-syndrome rears it's head at times (the fear of being 'found out', to not be '... enough') and it shakes me up, se

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